You want quality

And you want images that are different from the usual run-of-the-mill.

Here is a collection of high-quality stock images that don’t look like stock images. Images with a human touch. Unstaged, natural-looking images:

  • people, places and things
  • children and adults
  • emotions and relationships
  • work and leisure
  • travel and tourism
  • culture and concepts

My images have appeared in newspapers and magazines from the Financial Times to Westermanns Monatshefte, have been used by book publishers from the UK to Japan, by advertising agencies and trade fair organizers, communication strategists and trademark consultants, to mention a few. You can find a selection of clients on the About page.

My work has got comments like the following:

  • “Extremely professional”
  • “Your work is spectacular”
  • “I’ve looked through some of your photos and they are stunning”
  • “Just what I was talking about when discussing quality work available on searchable sites that provide alternative images to the usual ‘main’ sites”
  • “You are capturing moments in time that will stand the test of time. Your photos show expressions and they tell a story in every image you shoot”
  • “Your content style is very popular right now as more image professionals are specifically seeking real life and real people”

Images of real life and real people – that’s what I provide. Unstaged, natural-looking images. Stock images that don’t look like stock images.

There are many reasons for choosing my rights-managed photographs:

  • you won’t risk seeing the same image used by a competitor
  • you will get higher-quality images
  • you will get original content at a reasonable price
  • you won’t have to search through thousands of mediocre images
  • you won’t have to pay as much as for commissioned work
  • you will know if, when and how an image has been used previously 

Do contact me if you find an image you would like to license, if you want to discuss an assignment or if you have any special requirements. My images will help you create value.


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