About me

Photographer silhouetted against the sky

I founded Medium Text & Bild in 1990. My aim is to offer alternative images, stock images that don’t look like stock images. Almost all my images have a human touch. You will find a searchable portfolio of my photographs at GlobalEye Images.

I travel quite a lot and have images from Europe, particularly Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and the UK. My US images are from California, Death Valley, Utah and Las Vegas.

This website is primarily directed towards art directors, image researchers and photo editors. All my images are available for immediate licensing for any reasonable purpose. I am also available for assignments. Just send me a message via the Contact page. You can also visit my GlobalEye Images website, where you can click on any image to access image details, see licensing options, request a licence or ask for a quote.

If you need a specific image, send me a request. I may have just what you are looking for.

Have a look through my Galleries and make your own judgment!

Some examples of clients that have used my images

Oxford University Press
The Financial Times
Lorenz Books
Kvarner Express Travel Agency
Trademark eSports
Kyushu University Press
Kyrka och hem
Kristendom och skola
Teknikens Värld
Nordisk tidskrift för fotografi
Q2A Media
EMS Marketing
Enea Realtime
Jonkoping University
Tandvårdscentrum AB
Vi föräldrar
Svensk Bilprovning
AB Typoform
Westermanns Monatshefte
Capri Sport, Rabac
Consort Travel
Norrahammars Musikkår
Slovenska misija
Radio Ognjisce
Vi Bilägare
RTV Slovenija
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Slovenia
SVT Swedish Television
Smålands Folkblad
Naša luč
Kroppsakademin i Stockholm
Slovensko Marijini narodno svetisče
Pokličani smo

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