Award-winning photo

Rebecca loves animals. When she was eight years old, we were visiting relatives in Slovenia who have a number of animals and she fell in love with all of them, the goat, the cat, the dog, the chickens and above all one of the rabbits. When the time came for us to leave, Rebecca wanted to take the rabbit with her, but since we were going on a hiking tour in the mountains, we explained that it was impossible. It was very difficult for Rebecca to say farewell to the rabbit, and in the image she is hugging it for the last time before jumping into the car.

Rebecca is now 18 and is an exchange student in the USA. Some time ago I got a message from her asking if I could find any images of her when she was younger. Her class had got an assignment to write about themselves. I have taken lots of photos of Rebecca so I could easily prepare quite a number of images in monochrome, which was what she wanted. I emailed them to her and later learnt that the image with the rabbit was the one she had chosen.

She was so fond of the image that I decided to enter it in a photo club competition. And, as I mentioned above, it won first prize. The jury commended it for being “full of emotions”. Since my whole website is dedicated to images with a human touch, that comment made me particularly happy.

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