Editor’s pick

One of the agencies I use to promote my photos draws special attention to images that are considered to be of especially high quality. Such an image is labelled Editor’s pick and is given extra prominence in searches. I am very pleased to note that a relatively large number of the images I have submitted to the agency have been awarded the Editor’s pick label.

If I were to speculate about the choice of this image of the young woman texting, I would think that it could be used to illustrate several different concepts. An obvious one is cellphone use and communication. Cellphones are a fast medium, particularly favoured by young people – and youth would, of course, be another concept. Other keyword nouns are concentration, expectation and self-confidence. Some adjectives would be absorbed, interested and preoccupied.

I will publish more Editor’s picks here. Most of my images that have been selected for high quality show people, which is not surprising, since my photography is focused on people images. However, photos of objects as well as nature have also been listed under Editor’s picks.

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