Website Setup – Affiliate Programs

Register With The Following Affiliate Programs

Your new website comes with a large number of advertising banners and links, pre-installed to save you a lot of time and effort. Once you get a bit of traffic passing through your website, these can generate some useful passive income, so it’s well worth setting them up early so you can then forget about them!

These are mostly promoting photography-related products and services, because realistically, most of your visitors are likely to be other photographers. We’ve included a couple of other items to mix it up though, so you can track your activity and see what subjects are  going to appeal most to your visitors.

We’ve deliberately used a number of different programs here, so you’ll generate a more stable and secure income from multiple sources. I encourage you to register with all of these, so you’re able to offer a broadest possible selection of products and services, and you get the benefit of the broad income base.


Clickbank is the worlds largest digital marketplace and we promote a number of great photography products and services through the Clickbank network. Follow the prompts to register as an affiliate and make a note of your Clickbank nickname.

Photography Concentrate:

These guys offer some high quality training for photographers that we’ll be promoting, plus some excellent freebies that we give away as well. This is a 2-tier affiliate program, so if a visitor to your site decides to promote the program you’ll get a 10% commission on their sales as well! Register there and make a note of your Affiliate ID NUMBER.

Proud Photography:

Prouds are another supplier of high quality photography courses & training and another 2-tier program. This one is very high profile which can really help your conversions. Register above and make a note of your Affiliate ID NUMBER.

You also need to check the “Second Tier Linking Code” page in the affiliates area, to find your username for referring new affiliates. You get 10% of their sales as well, so it’s worth doing! Look for a short code usually with your initials and a few numbers:

ie /affiliates/join.php?ref=XX123456. The bold part is your second tier linking ID.

NYN Photography School:

Not Your Normal Photo School offer photography business training, also via a 2-tier affiliate program. Your website has links offering a popular free mini-course, that a lot of people will sign up for, and some of those will going on to sign up for the full training series. Make a not of your affiliate USERNAME.

Amazon Associates Program:

Look for the big orange Join Now button towards the top of the page … click on that and either login (if you’ve used Amazon before) or register as a new user. Grab your Associates ID.

Google Adsense:

Google won’t approve your Adsense account until your website is visible with some content in place, so make sure you get through the initial set up before you apply.

Once that’s done, sign into your Google account and then click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Click on the Account link. Look for the ‘Products link in the left hand menu. Click on that and look for the Adsense link among your ‘Products’. Follow the prompts to apply.

You need to get your Publisher ID … a string of letters and numbers such as: ca-pub-1234567654321 or pub-123456765421

Commission Junction:

This one is not so easy to get approved for, but well worth the effort. This network promotes a lot of different products and services, including a lot of CPA (cost-per-action) offers where you can get paid for a simple click on a link, or an email or mobile phone number submit, plus plenty of good commission programs.

You should definitely have your website up and running before applying for this one, and you will need to answer a number of questions ‘well’ to get approved.Here’s a couple of tips…

  • If you’re asked what other networks you use, you can mention Clickbank, Google Adsense and ‘various independent referral programs’.
  • If you’re asked about your traffic sources, you can mention Organic Search Traffic, PPC Search traffic, email marketing, social media marketing. (We’ll cover each of these later!)
  • You may be asked about the number of hits and unique visitors your site gets, which will be hard to answer until you’ve been running for a little while. Generally speaking ,to give yourself the best chance of approval, you should probably wait until you get it up to 100 uniques per day, but you can always try saying that it’s a new site and you expect XYZ uniques within a certain time frame.
  • Most important of the lot… make sure your application is totally professional. These guys are particular and they do not take everyone, so show them that you’re serious, you’re in it for the long haul and you can deliver regular leads to their customers.

Updating Your Affiliate Links

We use an Affiliate Links Manager to handle all your affiliate links, so you can update these once, and they will automatically update right across your website. We encourage you to use this Manager for any additional affiliate programs you add as well, so you never have to go looking through dozens of pages of posts for links to update.

Links => Affiliate Links= See All Links: This will list the existing affiliate links that we’ve embedded around your website and also used in our Banner Rotator (which we’ll run through shortly!)

There are about 30 links there, and it’s just a matter of clicking the edit link under each, changing my ID or Username for your own, and saving. Make sure you don’t change the link format at all, just the unique identifier.

There will be multiple links for each program so just take your time and check each one carefully, and if you’re not clear on any, just revisit the affiliate program website and check the documentation for that program.

Again I will stress, these use a mix of price points, recurring subscriptions and two-tier programs to give you a broad and varied income base… it is highly recommended you use them all!

Your Banners Manager

We’ve set this up with some 80+ banners to get you started. And while you don’t need to do anything right now, if you have a look over it, you’ll see it’s quite straightforward and intuitive…

Banners Lite => Banners: This is a list of all the banners we’ve added. If you click on edit you’ll see the image used and also the link we’ve attached to it. Because we are using the Affiliate links manager, you DON’T need to change any of these links. Once you update the Affiliate Links manager, the banners will all use your referral links.

Banners Lite => Banner Types: Here you’ll see banners are grouped by size, so you can add a ‘Rotator’ anywhere on the site and a different banner from that group will appear each time the page loads.

To add a banner rotator to any page or post, just come here and click the middle icon to ‘show embed code’ for the banner type you wish to use. Copy the Shortcode version into you page or post and you’re done.