Photographers and horse rider


A true panorama is either created in the camera – there are cameras with a picture frame of 24 x 72 mm, which doubles the width of normal cameras – or by stitching together several images to make a panoramic photo.

The photos on this page should perhaps not be called panoramas but rather images with a wide aspect ratio. I achieved the typical letterbox format by cropping the top and bottom of each image. This format can be very effective in advertisements or posters first of all because of the eye-catching proportions of the photos but also since there is often ample copy-space for insertion of text. This makes them very suitable to be used also in magazines, where they are printed on two opposite pages to create what is called a double spread. The images would also fit very well into web pages, either as a single banner or combined into a slider, where they would be shown one after the other. You can see an example of a slider on my home page, where I have eight panoramic images.

Just let me know if you would like to license any of my panoramic images. If you don’t find what you have in mind, I may have other subject matter in the same format.


Church in the Slovenian alps



Sailship leaving an island


Blue chairs


Female wingwalkers


Mountain trekkers


Sport fisherman


Young boy on a scooter


A thick layer of snow almost covering a window


Kidney stone and ruler



A cat


Lemon tree flower


Pink roses


Sunset and sea

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